Monday, July 1, 2013

Move, Move, Move

Sometimes people need to find the motivation to exercise. The tricks are to motivate you to get to the gym and exercise. From finding a trainer, a buddy or a gym family, to leaving things at a gym or booking your vacations so that you have to get in shape. If any of these work, then mission accomplished. More ideas on keeping motivated.

If walking is still your thing and you should be striving for 10000 steps a day. Here are some tips to help you add 2000 steps to your current routine. Here are three easy exercises to flatten your stomach.

Summer has arrived, so here are ways to exercise with no gym required. Beware not to overdo it when it comes to working out. Exercise addiction is a real thing and can be dangerous. Start with physical activity but add exercise for full benefits.

An important body part that people neglect in their routines are the core-strengthening exercises. You should strengthen your core muscles to improve your bone density.

Finally, here are some ways to build stronger muscles that may surprise you.