Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Trans Fat Chameleon

Trans Fat is in more foods than you are aware of. The artery-clogging fat is found in many foods, you just know where to look. Just because the label says 0 Trans Fats, doesn't mean it doesn't contain Trans Fat. Apparently we are allowed some trans fat in our diets, but we tend to overdue it and consume too much.

If you are eating fried foods in restaurants you are getting an overdose of trans fats. That is where it becomes a danger. Trans fat is what actually gives food a flavor that makes you want more. Sometimes it even disguises itself as 'healthy!'

To claim 0 Trans Fats manufacturers are allowed anything under 1/2 gram of trans fat per serving. The keyword is serving. More than likely you will consume more than one serving. GOTCHA!!!

Here you have 9 trans fat-laden foods.
1) Fried Foods
2) Fast Foods
3) Non-dairy creamers
4) Dessert Mixes
5) Certain Frozen Foods
6) Doughnuts
7) Stick Margarine
8) Refrigerated Dough
9) Microwave Popcorn

Imagine people who eat microwave popcorn thinking it is a healthy snack. It's not. Not to mention the Sodium level isn't exactly healthy. I'll add my own, most peanut butters.

Although the Trans Fat says 0 per servings, the ingredients are the main indicators of trans fats. Avoid, or limit, all products containing any type of HYDROGENATED OILS!!!

From WebMD article:
The only way to be sure you're getting a truly trans-fat-free food is to check the list of ingredients on the label. Avoid products containing "partially hydrogenated fats or oils" (the main source of trans fats) or "shortening." Also keep in mind that some manufacturers are listing components of food ingredients separately so they can move trans fats lower on the list of ingredients.

Be aware that you are not going to totally avoid trans fats and this is where serving sizes should come into play.

By the way, if you eat at restaurants or fast-foods, here is a heart attack waiting to happen.