Thursday, July 4, 2013

Healthy 4th

The hazy, lazy and crazy days of summer are here, and today marks the peak of the summer's holidays. Parades and fireworks take a back seat to grilling, barbequing and all around outdoor partying. And even those who are committed to health, will let themselves consume food, sit back, drink alcohol and do everything that is considered UN-healthy on a day that symbolizes independence. Be my guest and splurge.

But if you prefer to still have a healthy day, then follow these suggestions.

When it comes to hot dogs and sausages, consume a little or none. When it comes to beef consume a serving. When it comes to poultry consume a couple of servings. The key is to cut the meats in the coming days.

Vegetables are free-range on the servings. Salads, watch the dressing. Fruits, depends. Watermelon unlimited! Potatoes, depends. White-none or one. Reds-two. Purple-up to three. Sweet potato(that is not really a potato)-up to four!

Mac, Potato, Cole Slaw salads-limited or none.


All I am saying is that it is OK to splurge, but the more you go 'nuts' the more you will have to do to get back on track.

There are alternatives to having an Un-healthy holiday meal on July 4th. Here you can find recipes for healthy alternatives. Yes, you can have your meat and eat it, too!


As far as your meat-skinless poultry or fish. Bison burgers or low fat burgers.
Potato-Red or purple...
...OR the morning glory relative known as sweet potato.
Vegetable-go nuts.
Fruit-go nuts.
Add seeds and nuts.
Do some type of movement such as playing a physical game, walking, running, etc.
Bottom line-Try to limit the unhealthy foods and alcohol. Whatever you do, make sure you get back on track, tomorrow.

Happy 4th Of July
Stay healthy and safe!!!