Monday, February 20, 2017

Exercise and The Brain

It goes without saying that besides nutrition your brain will benefit from exercise. One thing we should focus on when exercising is the amount of exercise we need each week because too little or too much might backfire in the long run.

For a healthy brain, you need to get fit and in shape. Staying in shape can also help protect your brain's motor functions. Regular exercise, besides helping your overall health, has also been associated with improve memory and thinking skills.

Exercise, especially aerobics, get the heart pumping and keeps your brain sharp! The brain is important and we should do everything to keep it fully functioning throughout our lifetimes!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Brain Health

As we get older our brain begins to change. Its main mission is to make sense of the world around us, and that never changes. Everybody should do whatever they can to keep this vital organ functioning at its fullest capacity throughout our lifetime.

We have made great strides towards understanding and fighting the onsets of both dementia and Alzheimers. There's been progress in controlling the diseases and have increased the life of those affected by them. People are living and coping with Alzheimers better than ever before.

Many families that have had a family member with Alzheimers have gone through a rough emotional and physical drain of their otherwise normal lifestyle. It does take a toll not only on the person it affects.

Now a site comes along called Brain Health that has resources that will help you learn about and exercise your brain.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Sites and Resources for Fitness and Nutrition Health

The purpose of this blog is to give you health advice that will enrich your life through a healthy lifestyle. Through trial and error I hope to enlighten each individual to find their health niche. I firmly believe that to be healthy, what works for some may not work for others. For example, although I will envy the health benefits of yoga, yoga is not my cup of tea. I tried it, so I'm not just blowing smoke!

I put together some health sites and resources that can help you find interesting ways to stay healthy in all aspects of overall wellness. Some I may have given in the past but they deserve at least a look to see if something interests you.

The National Institute of Health is a government site that actually has some interesting information. This site is a good resource for living healthy and well through informative articles and links to a bevy of information on the topics.

Very Well is another resource that covers a bevy of health topics that are informative and cover a wide variety of topics including mind and spirit.

FitWatch has free fitness and nutrition trackers.

When it comes to nutrition Eat Right can fill you in a nutrition and eating right. I believe would compliment Eat Right.

If you don't know the number of calories in your food check out Calorie Counter.

For weight loss exersises and nutrition try My Fitness Pal.

Livestrong lives up to its name and has powerful articles about exercise, health and nutrition.

SparkPeople is a site that just might keep you healthy for a lifetime.

If your looking for video workouts Sworkit has both a free and premium programs.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Breakfast Of Champions

Weight loss begins with breakfast. Nutrition is a key to weight loss and weight maintenance, so I will emphasize breakfast ideas that will help you achieve this health endeavor. Want to lose and maintain weight? Lets talk breakfast ideas to start your day.

Within a half hour from waking, you should consume your first meal. Meal of choice: yogurt! Plain yogurt to be exact. So by now many will be turned off by the plain yogurt, but ALL other yogurts will be high in dreaded sugars. Add a small amount of maple syrup to your yogurt and the sweetness becomes intense. Pure maple syrup is maintained energy rather than spiked energy that comes from refined sugars.

Within two hours of your first meal, will be your next meal. I suggest 3 alternatives. Cereal, Oatmeal, or Eggs are my favorites. Cereal of choice is Fiber One. Add blueberries and this cereal becomes a powerhouse of needed nutrients and antioxidants.

To turn oatmeal into a delicious healthy powerhouse, combine banana, powdered cacao and honey to it. Eggs can be hard boiled and added to avocado with sea salt, black pepper, sriracha sauce, lemon juice and hunger will elude you for a good part of the day.

Seeds, nuts and fruits are powerful snacks that can be used for weight loss. These should be consumed within two hours of your above meal. Your morning meals are effective when you start with a combination of protein and carbohydrates.

Monday, September 21, 2015

The Mental Health Edition

Our mental health is perhaps the most important factor of our overall health. When we procrastinate, and put things off, we lack the motivation to get and stay healthy. That is fairly a minor implication of our daily lifelong struggle with our mental health.

The most devastating mental health battle may come as we age, even if we have led a happy life and healthy life. Alzheimer's is something you might not have any control over. The good news is that we are making great strides towards the battle against Alzheimer's and dementia. Still it remains a mystery and continues to show signs of being a major problem within 20 years. Alzheimer's prevention can help and anything is better than nothing.

Spotting dementia is another issue but goes hand-in-hand with Alzheimer's. In case you need to care for someone with this issue, the caregiver guide might help. A dilemma comes when a doctor sees it coming but can't stop it. The brain is a muscle and needs mental exercise. Start at the memory quiz and start doing puzzles, sudokus, and any brain tease trivia you can find!

Depression is a strange mental health issue. Many people have it and don't know it. The depressed person isn't always a 'downer' because many upbeat and social people may be depressed, too. I could get into my college psychology classes, but as Bob Dylan said, "...times they are a changin'." Once called Manic-Depression, today it is known as bi-polar. M-D was confusing because there were 2 types. You were either Depressed or Manic. The Manic were the upbeat and talkative side of the depression.

When it comes to depression, here are tips to be happy. Habits can affect your mental health.

When it comes to happiness, you have it figured out if you're a Swiss, Icelander, Dane or Norwegian!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

You Can't Always Rely On BMI

I have been maintaining my current body weight range for the past 3-4 years. If it fluctuates it is within a 5 pound range. My BMI is over 25, so I should be classified as overweight. Lucky for me, my doctor doesn't buy it. I am very athletic for my age.

Among other things, BMI can't calculate fat or lean tissue. Solid muscle can weigh just as much as fat or more. This is why many people are misdiagnosed on their BMI calculation. When I did lower my BMI, although I was still muscular, I appeared to be anorexic. Now I can take back every comment I made about actresses that appeared to be anorexic!

Doctors have a better way to predict your future health and longevity, that is a much better calculator of one's overall health than BMIs. It's all about your handgrip strength. Building strength in your grip and rest of the body, can actually save you in your golden years by helping avoid falls and making it easier to lift yourself.

If longevity is part of your healthy lifestyle, here are a few strategies to add a couple of decades to your life.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Nutrition-Main Factor To Weight Loss

The argument over whether nutrition or exercise is the main factor to losing weight has been debated for decades. The best conclusion I've heard about the topic is here. Through exercise alone it would take us hours of hard exercises to burn off our caloric intake.

Both, nutrition and exercise, are important to losing and maintaining weight, but nutrition is the key. If one is obese, it may be hard or dangerous to get up and start exercising. Exercise tones your outside while keeping things moving on the inside such as circulation and digestion, to name a couple.

The key factor that worked for me was to adjust my eating habits and eating healthier more satisfying foods. I needed to reprogram my body when it came to nutrition. Although I eat healthy, I reserve a couple of days when I'm allowed to have what I call "junk" foods. The key to doing the latter and making it work is to make sure you return to healthy regiment the next day.

A key to nutrition and weight loss is to begin the day with protein as the main source of your food. Yogurt with hemp seeds give you a quick 25 grams of protein. Protein is energy and takes longer to digest and keeps you fuller longer.

I pace my meals between 2 or 3 hours apart, they are smaller more filling meals. On days I workout, I usually have an egg after my workout. Mid morning is usually fruit of some kind and maybe some sort of vegetable. For lunch, I usually have an animal or vegetable or both protein source. My mid afternoon food is a source of whole wheat  such as pasta, quinoa, etc.

My final meal of the day is usually a salad or vegetable, and sometimes some cheese and whole wheat crackers. Of course there are exceptions to this schedule as things may change to add variety or because I occasionally indulge!

One little known secret to weight loss is that you have to let your food digest before you go to sleep. So I eat nothing at least 3 hours before going to sleep.

If you eat the right foods you will find that your energy level will increase and exercising will enter the weight loss equation naturally. Eat slowly and don't eat until your full, because once you feel full, you have actually over eaten.

Another thing I learned to do is cook my own meals and make even food that I find not very tasty, into a mouth watering meal. Avocados, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, etc., which I once couldn't stomach, I now eat in abundance. You have to experiment and find a way to make food tasty and healthy for yourself without using store bought dressings, syrups and other things that turn healthy into a dietary nightmare.