Saturday, June 15, 2013

9) Foods For Health

When it comes to nutrition, a healthy diet(meaning the foods you eat, not weight loss) isn't as tasteless and boring as it was years ago. Today you can cook, season, and combine a variety of healthy foods to taste delicious.

The World's Healthiest Foods website is an informative reference for all healthy foods. It has useful resources for healthy cooking and healthy eating.

The one thing one should learn to do when it comes to food is to learn how to read a Food Nutrition Labels. Everything has to be taken into consideration such as servings and ingredients, because there are loopholes in disguising what you don't want.

One may assume that peanut butter is a totally great health food. Some are more healthy than others and here is where the label and ingredients come in. Look at this peanut butter. It claims 0 Trans Fats in a serving size of 2 Tbls. This is enough for one slice of bread. My guess is that people tend to use more than one serving size. It has 190 calories per serving and 130 come from Fat. Although the label claims 0 Trans Fats the ingredients contain: HYDROGENATED VEGETABLE OILS (RAPESEED AND SOYBEAN).
This is what Trans Fat is made of. How do they get away with it? A serving may be borderline on Trans Fats and they don't have to claim there are any in there. Although it contains sugar, the powder you mix with water PB2 is a much healthier choice.

Dr. Mercola breaks down some facts on some well known, and not so known, health foods. Another useful site for health and nutrition is  Doctor Oz.

I may continue to refer to these and other sites and will supply health links galore. Much like the changing health information out there, this blog is in its initial evolving stages.