Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Useful Online Health Links

From time to time, I'll dedicate some entries to healthful sites, tools, and resources that are useful to your endeavor to get healthy.

Here is a tool to record your family health history.

MyFitnessPal gives you many tools such as a food journal, calorie counter  and even lets you set a goal for weight loss, for example, and gives data on how to achieve it.

Nutridiary is another journal for diet and exercise.

Perhaps it isn't good to diagnose yourself, but if you give your symptoms to Medify it will give you answers.

Greatist is a site with nutrition, exercise and an inspiration to total health. Everyday you get a recipe and a workout of the day. is all the information you will need on prescription, over-the-counter and natural products.

WebMD is a medical authority on the internet.