Tuesday, June 11, 2013

To Egg OR Not To Egg

When it comes to health, the egg seems to be one of those controversial subjects that has arguments on both sides of the fence. One side sees it as a health food, the other as a food loaded with bad cholesterol. The truth is that eggs are good for you, but you should limit your weekly intake.

Some argue that egg yolks are as bad for the arteries as smoking. The eggs should be avoided at all costs, but egg whites are OK? I believe that the eggs benefits far outweigh the negatives. They are the perfect post workout protein meal. I also believe that too much consumption of eggs can lead to heart disease and obesity. It is here you need the moderation rule.

The truth about eggs and cholesterol is that healthy individuals can have an egg a day depending on their other cholesterol intake. But the argument for eggs can go on forever!

So I say that the bottom line is don't fear the egg. But too much egg can kill you. My recommendation is 4 eggs a week. Always on your workout scheduled days. I'll admit that I was overdoing it because I was consuming 2 hard boiled eggs a day for five days and one egg on weekends. I now dropped to 4 eggs in 7 days.

Think of the economics in my change. A dozen eggs in a week verses a dozen in three weeks. I may have finally broken the plateau of my current weight loss.  Other factors are also coming into play that will be discussed in the future.