Saturday, July 26, 2014

Salads and Yogurts

The poster child of health foods is the salad. My salads include bright colored peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, etc., but the master of ceremony is always the greens. A variety of greens offer a variety of benefits. The best salad greens for your health are a must. I always believed that iceberg is the least healthy of the leafy greens, but one of the best greens are dandelions and beet greens.

What makes a healthy salad unhealthy are the dressings used. Commercially prepared salad dressings are loaded with sugars, fats, sodium, and other unhealthy preservatives that destroy the purpose. Salad dressings should contain olive oil, lemon juice, balsamic and other vinegars. Add spices like sea salt, black pepper, turmeric, basil and oregano, to name a few.

With the yogurt health movement in full steam, it pays to know how to navigate the yogurt aisle. My yogurt choice is Chobani plain Greek  yogurt first thing in the morning. Since I have been consuming yogurt I've become more lactose tolerant, if you can believe that!