Saturday, June 28, 2014

Health Journal 12

It's summer and since it goes by faster than the other seasons, I have to take advantage of the great weather. Thus why this edition of the Health Journal is getting close to the wire. Ground Zero has now been in existence for over a year, and I know the HJ is my most popular for the variety of information.

Summer can include stress that can lead to over eating and lack of exercise. Learn ways to manage stress in the summer.

Remember to keep your heart in tiptop shape through fitness and nutrition. There are surprising foods that are good for your heart.

Yoga is gaining popularity for the overall health benefits. Learn to improve your health with yoga.

If your like me your BMI might put you in the overweight category. My doctor refuses that idea because I exercise and have muscle mass that adds weight. If I lose too much weight I almost look like a muscular anorexic. Although it is still a reliable source, you can't always rely on BMI.

An often important and neglected exercise involves strengthening the core muscles. This becomes apparent as we age when bones become brittle and we are prone to falls. Find out the importance of core-strengthening.

When it comes to workouts, or just about any aspects of life, setting goals will help accomplish our outcome. Know how to set effective goals.

Leading a sedentary life can kill you because your health suffers. It seems that sitting too long can also have an adversity on your overall health. Sitting can increase your cancer risk.