Sunday, April 13, 2014

Weighing In On Weight Loss

Sometimes no matter what we do to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we have trouble maintaining a healthy weight. The first thing to do is to check and see if you may be sabotaging your weight loss.

If you want to start small, there are little things you can do to lose weight.

If you add exercise, as you should, to your weight loss plan, here are ways to burn 150 calories. You can also get tips from Dr. Oz. You can still eat and lose weight with the right foods if done right.

The important thing about losing weight is to do it in a healthy manner. Not only is it about diet and exercise, but it is also about lifestyle change.

When looking for weight loss foods, start with a high protein and high fiber content. If the fiber is greater than the sugar, that is a plus. Low fat and sodium are on the opposite side, but potassium is a plus.

Eat smaller meals throughout the day and consume them in 2 or 3 hour intervals. I start with yogurt at 6 am followed by an egg at around 8 am. By around 5 or 6 pm I am no longer hungry for the rest of the night. I highly recommend meatless days, where no meat is consumed. It does help in weight loss and I go meatless at least 1 and as many as 4 days a week.

If I were to pick the best exercise to lose weight it would be something that can't really be duplicated in the gym. It involves stairs and/or hills. I live on the 15th floor and at least a couple of days a week, I use the stairs. When I worked in a park, I would briskly climb the hills. At first I was out of breath, but after awhile I wouldn't even work up a sweat. The reason was because I was losing weight.

I know what you're thinking. There are gym equipment that can duplicate them. True, and they do burn the calories and shed the pounds. I am getting away from most machine training because they aren't as effective as free weights and kettlebells. There is also a problem with some machines possibly being dangerous. More here.

So you can use the treadmill and stair climber at the gym, and you will get a good workout. Try real hills and stairs equivalent to your gym workout and you might be surprised at the difference.