Saturday, November 2, 2013

Nutrition and Weight Management

When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, body maintenance comes from nutrition and exercise. As far as nutrition goes, we should keep track of our portion control. Without watching our portions we may risk overeating and gaining weight. Here are ways to manage your weight both through nutrition and other easy methods.

When it comes to maintaining your weight, we all dread the plateau. Along with what was suggested, there are foods that may help.

Protein is the main nutrient to building and maintaining our bodies. Too much protein can lead to kidney failure. Get to know how much protein is too much.  I suggest a bit more protein intake on days you workout. You can indulge in a protein pizza!

Something that should be cut to a bare minimum in our nutrition is salt. Environmental Nutrition gives the following ways to cut your salt intake:
1. Cook at home more often.

2. Focus on whole, minimally processed foods, such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fish, chicken, legumes and dairy products.

3. Don't automatically add salt, even in recipes that call for it.

4. Flavor foods with herbs and spices.

5. Enhance flavors with garlic, lemon and vinegar -- ingredients that allow the natural flavors of foods to shine without added salt.

6. Watch out for condiments. Soy sauce, mustard and barbecue sauce can push up the salt totals.

7. Keep portion sizes in check.

8. Compare product sodium levels by reading the labels. Different brands can have much different amounts of salt. If a product contains 5 percent Daily Value or less for sodium, it's considered a low sodium food, 20 percent DV or higher means it's a high sodium food.

Another aspect of nutrition that was mentioned elsewhere is understanding the importance of calories, to say the least. Here are food choices that are filling.

The topic of nutrition and weight will come up again in the future.