Monday, May 27, 2013

Winds Of Change

Many people are starting to embrace a healthy lifestyle and becoming more active and watching what they eat. This blog will focus on getting healthy and staying healthy. I believe each person is different and in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle, each individual has to experiment and find what works for their own needs.

There are no such things as diets in the real healthy world. Diets are no more than quick fixes and not a solution. If you change your nutrition habits, your body will help you lose and keep off the weight. This blog will inform on healthy eating and how to make some unappealing foods actually delicious.

Exercise or movement are a must to stay healthy. Gyms are not always required and some vigorous heart-pumping exercises can be as easy as the outdoors. My concentrations are on strength, endurance and aerobics.

Money and finances are part of a healthy lifestyle and may be discussed from time-to-time. From groceries to gyms to health products, there is always a topic of interest in no particular order. I will often offer my experience and expertise, while often commenting on articles and publications I link to.